Which Caribbean countries are the safest travel destinations? | New York Post

The Caribbean is a top destination for many tourists during the summer months. But, after six Americans have died while visiting the Dominican Republic, itโ€™s worth knowing which countries are safe and which arenโ€™t. The US State Department uses four levels of travel guidance for Americans. These are the countries you might want to reconsider traveling to.

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5 thoughts on “Which Caribbean countries are the safest travel destinations? | New York Post”

  1. All Caribbean countries are safe. Iโ€™ve been to most of them and lived there and they are safer than America.

  2. Come to Puerto Rico, it’s a common wealth of the US and the food, the shopping, the beaches are awesome. Our biggest export: our people and our love for each other. People who go to the Dominican Republic usually go there for drugs and prostitutes. That’s common knowledge here. I know a travel company who stopped taking graduate students on tours to the D.R. because of the rampant drugs, rapes and the like. Also, we have UFO’s over here so, c’mon iiiinnnnn!

  3. Why would any sane American travel to these countries? We can see all chaos and unlawful behavior that these people are bringing with them as they illegally try to cross into America.

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