Where To Eat in NEW YORK – BEST Curry in Manhattan (ゴーゴーカレー) 🇺🇸🤤

It’s totally nothing like Indian curry; less spicy with a little bit sweet taste and savory creamy curry come with sticky rice which goes together well with the curry.

Go Go Curry is one of the most popular Japanese curry chain all across the country in both Japan and America. Their curry is Kanazawa curry, a type of Japanese curry originated in Kanazawa, in which Kanazawa curry is well-known as being richer and more creamy than typical Japanese curry, and usually topped with shredded cabbage, pork cutlet ( Tonkatsu), and extra sauce on the top.


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22 thoughts on “Where To Eat in NEW YORK – BEST Curry in Manhattan (ゴーゴーカレー) 🇺🇸🤤”

  1. ⌲ Dear Daniel and Naz, if you guys are reading this comment, please know that we love you ! and thank you so much for hosting us in NYC and make our 4 days in New York City amazing ! It is crazy how we feel like we have known you guys forever just by traveling with you guys for 4 days haha..

    ⌲ Yeah, we mentioned Daniel and Naz, you guys can also check out their youtube channel as well. They have lived in New York City for over 10 years and traveling all around too just like us : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvU278VonkFgEvpKqRuZs1Q

    ⌲ We are still in Oculus area, which is one of the most modern and tragic area in New York City, made us mind blowing and emotional at the same time. Check this out if you keen to see this spot in Manhattan : https://youtu.be/a_hLtWVJXyM

    1. Jimmy was right you guys were in the business district, financial district or “FiDi” as they call it…hope you guys are enjoying mexico!! We are freezing up here!

    2. Omg guys.. now who is chopping onions around here?.. we feel the same way about you guys.. the connection was instantanious and strong.. we look forward to having more adventures with you guys

    3. Lol Tah were you drinking or is putting a bronze bulls gonads {balls} on top of you head a good luck symbol. Never had pork usually had the tuna at a Japanese restaurant.

  2. I’m from NYC and I’ve been living in Japan for 20 years, they’re copying a curry restaurant called “CoCo Ichibanya ( CoCo壱番屋) “ here in Japan 😂😂😂

    1. Hey Chyloe, that’s crazy ! i never know that, that’s real twist they got from coco to gogo haha i love the taste of curry they have tho it is so thick and creamy !:)

  3. Still need to try Go Go Curry – heard good things and it looks tasty! Great to find you through Jon and now Daniel & Naz through you. The circle of YouTube!

    1. YouTube is amazing ! We met so many amazing through youtube hahah glad to have you guys here !:) Yeah Go Go curry is superb i think it is not too expensive as well for the price in NYC

  4. As always, great video. You two are fun and funny to watch. Yet you still highlight the entire trip showing those who watch what is out there to see. Most importantly, you keep your video focused on the travel and journey, not all the other nonsense you see on so many others. But above all, the two of you make a great team together. … and it’s apparent that you are meant for one another. Tie the knot lol.

    1. Aww i think we make a great team as well! Im not sure about that knot thing just yet! haha JKJK thank you so much for the nice comment we are so happy when we get feedback like this!

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