What’s in my Pandora travel jewelry box!!

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick video about all the jewelry I took on my trip to New York. I hope you guys enjoy it.

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4 thoughts on “What’s in my Pandora travel jewelry box!!”

  1. Everything fit so nicely! Such a lovely collection of bracelets and rings! Still ogling those folklore muranos! So colorful!! Nice video, thank you for sharing!!!

  2. I did exactly the same as you with the jewelry box to travel with! Took off the wristlet and the inner part! 😊💝Then you can get quite a lot of jewelry in it. Love all your pieces you showed and that non Pandora bracelet and ring are so beautiful! 😍 wow your Reflexions bracelet with the one charm looks really pretty for stacking ❤️ Thanks for sharing, happy holidays! 😘🤗 xo

  3. Totally agree! Gorgeous on its own!!

    The folklore muranos May be my favorite muranos❤️Really loving the garnet and marcasite bracelet♥️✨✨

  4. I love the fireworks bangle bracelet. I wear it everyday. Your rose bracelet is beautiful. Love the muranos.

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