What I Brought to New York! My TRAVEL MAKEUP BAG(S)

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13 thoughts on “What I Brought to New York! My TRAVEL MAKEUP BAG(S)”

  1. Those bags are very cute! I am an over packer too, so I don’t think you brought too much at all 🙂 I hope you have a great time in Vermont and NY!

  2. The logo on flower power reminds me of That 70’s show. Love these what’s in my travel makeup bag type videos. 👌

  3. Yes girl I always over pack!!! Clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry, makeup with tons of options, I mean it’s ridiculous but fear and anxiety take over, like what if I need this or that!?!? That is why I hate travel my brain is fried from packing, lol! Have a great time in NYC. Make sure to keep track of what you actually used compared to what you brought because I’m dying to know! ✌️& ❤️

  4. WOW! I totally overpack every time I travel! I’m going to Rome in a couple of weeks and have made a promise to myself that I’m NOT going to overpack…well at least TRY not to!!! Have a wonderful time in NY!

  5. This was fun I’m a super light packer a carry on and large tote 👜 and that’s traveling to Europe for a week.
    Well a girl has to have her makeup💄

  6. That Ulta compact(with the 3 shades)looks like it could be a dupe for the Dior universal you brought.

    1. Good eye! I’m definitely going to compare the two! The comparison never even occurred to me. thanks!

  7. I love Vermont! 😍 But the Northwest is more beautiful!😍 There was a story online saying Target was upping the beauty section to compete with Ulta and Sephora!👏 So there will more Makeup Geek.

    1. I’ve never been up here before! It’s so pretty! So happy to hear about Target and Makeup Geek!

    1. It’s my first time. I’m definitely not in the NYC part of New York. But still super beautiful where I’m staying!

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