Washington + White House! ~New York-DC – Vlog #44

Hello you guys, coolcat here!
In this video, I travel to Washington for the day from New York, visiting the White House and Arlington Cemetery.
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———-Music used in this video———-
* Joakim Karud – “Boost”
* Jordyn Edmonds – “Every Moments” / “Sand Castle”
* Jordyn Edmonds – “Wound Up”
* Jordyn Edmonds – “Too Much”
* Waxwell Young – “Should I”

———-Tech used to film this video———-
* Joby Hybrid Gorillapod
* RODE Video Mic Go
* Canon 200D / Rebel SL2

———-Software used to edit this video———-
* VSDC Free Video Editor
* Free Make Video Converter