WASHINGTON D.C. + NEW YORK TRAVEL DIARY | Seeing my picture in Times Square!

Hey there, pals!

Last week my family and I left Orlando for a little adventure in Washington D.C. and New York! We ate lots of yummy foods, walked a TON, attempted figuring out public transportation, got stranded in the middle of the night twice, and definitely had a memorable trip. We visited all the major touristy spots and fulfilled my siblings and I’s childhood dreams of visiting the American Girl store and Nintendo store!

Aside from the activities we had planned, we had a couple of surprises too: My mom got engaged in Central Park and I found my photo in the Aerie store in Times Square!

Now i’m happy to be back and cozy at home BUT I might have been bitten by a travel bug… where to next?πŸ’­ ✨


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9 thoughts on “WASHINGTON D.C. + NEW YORK TRAVEL DIARY | Seeing my picture in Times Square!”

  1. 1. Congrats again to your mom and Brian!!
    2. What was that dance Caleb was doing?? Lol
    3. 0:35 was the saddest part of the whole video!

    1. Honestly, I have no idea what Caleb’s dance was πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and yes I agree 😭

    1. You are so sweet! When you go make sure it’s during cherry blossom season! I’ve seen photos of the area when the flowers are in full bloom and it is LOVELY. There is so much to look at and explore and it is definitely a great trip! πŸ’–

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