VLOG | A DAY IN NEW YORK NAGARAM| TRAVEL | priyameena manoharan

Hi friends,

This is one of the most requested travel vlog. NYC is full of fun !!

We had a great time in New york city,I just covered a few landmarks in New york city just for my viewers and subscribers.

It’s been a long time most of them asked me to capture times union, harold square,empire state building,statue of liberty,Rockefeller center.

Please stay tuned for more NYC in summer.I will cover Grand central and some Michelin star restaurant.

10 thoughts on “VLOG | A DAY IN NEW YORK NAGARAM| TRAVEL | priyameena manoharan”

  1. நியூயார்க் நேரில் பார்த்தமாதிரி இருக்கு ஸிஸ்டர் thankyou

  2. Super ga, New York suthipartha feel irrukku, nalla irundhadhu, saras kutty cute, adharsh kethha irrukku.

  3. Lovely mam… Seen entire new York City because of you…. Thank you so much mam…. 😍😍😍😍

  4. Thank you so much sister unmaiyavea neenga super women dhan neenga pathatha nangalum pakkanumnu tried pathilam yosikama vlog pottu irukinga thank you once again.. Unga kodavea travel panna feel..money illathavanga koda ippo new yark pathathu neenga podra vedios onnu onnum enaku avlo pidikkum love u so much Sis unga manasukku neenga eppavum happy ah irukanum

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