Visit New York City in 24 Hours | Pt.1 | Travel the World

We had a limited time in New York City but still CRUSHED IT in 24 hours! What a great city with plenty to see and do. Stay tuned for Pt. 2 where we finished off our visit with a drive past the bridges, 9/11 Memorial and Statue of Liberty.

We are about a week behind on uploading vlogs. We are still daily vlogging but fell behind with the transition to Greece and the internet is not the friendliest at the current location we are staying. They will be pushed out when the stars align and we get faster service ๐Ÿ˜‰

Gear Used:
Canon 70D:
DJI Mavic Air Bundle
Joby Gorilla Pod:
Shure VP83 External Microphone:
GoPro Hero 6:
GoPro Hero 5:

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5 thoughts on “Visit New York City in 24 Hours | Pt.1 | Travel the World”

  1. New York has always been one of my favorite places travel to! It’s so exciting and has a life of its own! Energy around it that cannot be described!! It looks like you guys are having an amazing time and that it’s awesome! I’m glad to see that you guys are enjoying your time and making the best out of Life by traveling!!

    1. MEREDITH and PACO For some reason it was never a highlight to visit even though there were many opportunities. After visiting, NYC hands down ranks up there with the best of them! -J

  2. Bro this pace was awesome with the music and just fits NYC. “Now we are lit” lol love this style. Your ol white dude Canadian connection. Peace

    1. eh Joe Thanks! Itโ€™s a hustle getting these out with all the travel and transition but itโ€™s keeping me sane. Canโ€™t be relaxing too much ๐Ÿ˜‰ -J

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