Ultimate 24 Hours in NYC | New York USA Travel | Brits in America Part 3

Ultimate 24 Hours in NYC | New York USA Travel | Brits in America Part 3

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In this NYC travel guide, we share with you our ultimate 24 hours in NYC! We are Alex & Emma, a British couple who will be traveling around the USA to experience American culture.
With just 1 day left to enjoy this city, we decided to create our perfect day in New York! We start with the best bagels in Brooklyn, followed by Central Park, Doughnuts and the BEST pizza slice in NYC before heading to the best Liverpool bar in New York, and located right next to Times Square – Carraghers! Here, we enjoyed a Liverpool game and a pint before walking the Brooklyn Bridge on our way back to Brooklyn.
We ended our perfect NYC day in Brooklyn, at the Barclays Center to watch our first ice hockey game and having dinner at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que!

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  2. That was a BBQ powered Beans Out! Very nice. Alex how much brushing and flossing to you have to do before Emma will let you kiss her? Haha. Great video!

  3. Yes, cornbread is loved here to eat along with BBQ meats, soups, beans & chili. It’s also used as stuffing for Thanksgiving turkey. It’s good for breakfast, heated or toasted with butter! Corn bread, corn muffins, corn sticks (baked in wrought iron molds resembling ears of corn). A tradition here! 🌽

  4. I am addicted to watching the channel ever since I seen the Liverpool Vlogs on my recommended I have watched every video, keep up the great work guys!! Can’t wait for the next adventure.

    1. All cornbread is different. I prefer a sweet jiffy mix cornbread to have with savory beans so it’s a sweet and salty thing, and I also like it as a dessert. My Mimi(grandma) makes “real” cornbread that’s salty and bitter and made in a skillet.

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