TRIP REPORT | Delta Airlines – 767 400 – Los Angeles (LAX) to New York (JFK) | First Class

Welcome to another trip report!

On April 29, I tried out Delta’s flagship First Class seat named “Delta One”. You will find this seat in most of their heavy/international aircraft. Although this seat is mainly used on overseas routes, they operate it in the LAX-JFK market, likely to compete with other airlines simular products.

This was a pretty good flight, aside from the dirty cabin.

I hope you enjoy!

Airline: Delta Airlines
Aircraft: Boeing 767-432ER (N831MH)
Seat: 9D (First Class)
Flight Number: DL2197
Route: LAX to JFK
Flight Time: 4 hours, 52 minutes
Ticket Price: $658
Date of Travel: April 29, 2019

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15 thoughts on “TRIP REPORT | Delta Airlines – 767 400 – Los Angeles (LAX) to New York (JFK) | First Class”

  1. I can’t believe Delta just dumps the entire trey with everything all at once on it in Business Class. American…in the same market…serves course-by-course.

  2. Delta’s cabins are typically FILTHY. This is not the only trip report to point that out. American Airlines has far cleaner cabins.

  3. I wonder how long that aircraft sat on the ground at LAX (a terminal point for DL) that the ground crew couldn’t have picked up the trash. I would have snapped a photo and sent it along to Delta Customer Service with my question as to why ground crew couldn’t complete their task.

  4. hi qman. looks like the ride on the shuttle bus between terminals is worth it just for the photo ops. nice report, thanks for taking me along on your journey. safe travels my friend.

  5. Love your reports. I’ve taken this flight six times roundtrip. All your comments are spot on. Luckily, these seats are set to be replaced over the next two years!

  6. Another Great Report!! Does make you wonder if flying first class is worth it on a dirty/broken plane, your vids a so helpful/informative! Thanks Again!!!! 5*

    1. Thanks! I mean I fell asleep right after the service so I don’t really mind it, because at the end of the day I’d rather sleep laying down than upright in an Economy seat

  7. Nice tripreport video QFS Aviation,that burger is looking so delicious plus that inflight meal is looks amazing and make my mouth watery

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