TRAVEL VLOG: roadtrip to new york city

I took a little roadtrip to New York and vlogged the whole thing! Half of this vlog is me running around New York exploring the city, the other half is me struggling to find vegan food lol (although I did try the impossible burger!)

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3 thoughts on “TRAVEL VLOG: roadtrip to new york city”

  1. Love your vlog as always ๐Ÿ‘Œ but uhh just wanted to let you know that the owner of chick-fil-a is reeally homophobic, has โ€œdonatedโ€ almost 2 million dollars to anti-lgbt organizations and movements that punish lgbt youth and promote homophobia, and continues to do so. In Toronto there have been protesters outside the new establishment very frequently, especially because the location is not too far from the church-wellesley gay neighbourhood (which is in especially poor taste, if you ask me). Just figured Iโ€™d let you know for for future reference, because I know you care about animals as well as people and have talked about that previously. And hey, you may not even go to chick-fil-a anytime soon again but this is also for anyone else who reads the comments to know and do some reading up. The rest was really great though โ˜€๏ธ

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