Travel VLOG🚌🚌: New York City🌃🌃!!!!

Alrighty guys, so a couple of weeks ago, I finally had the chance of spending the night in NYC!! I’ve been there multiple times and even know my way around Manhattan ( for the most part ) but this is the first time I was able to wake up in the big apple. It doesn’t really sound like a big deal but HONEYYYY I felt rich😭😭 All my life I thought only rich people could afford to sleep up in NYC, but for 2 days and a night, a bish was feeling like Floydisha Mayweather.

ANYWAY, of course I didn’t go alone, I went with Jocelynnnnn!! She’s always the best company and a bomb wing man. She enjoyed the trip as well!!

I booked our room off of, and we stayed at the Paramount Hotel. We walked to the Museum of Illusions and pranced around times square. It was a blast!!
Here’s our journey!!