Travel To New York | Disney World January 2019

We say see ya real soon to Walt Disney World! We show you our travel from Orlando back to New York, which we’ve never done before so we thought it’d be cool to show for once! We fly Delta Airlines from MCO (Orlando Airport) to JFK (New York Airport).

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19 thoughts on “Travel To New York | Disney World January 2019”

  1. Love your travel videos. We so much, need an adventure, but, not now, not soon, unfortunately Dorises health isn’t co-operating with our plans. Thanks for sharing , love yall….Rhino & Doris

  2. Diane’s is the best, I am always at 1500 Lld Northern Blvd for work… when you are at the airport in NY where do you park? LGA is a mess at the moment and JFK is really expensive at the terminal compared to Islip. Thanks for the travel home video, you guys should do it more often!!

    1. Diane’s is great! We park at the jfk terminal. Still cheaper then a car service. If we’re gone for to long we’ll take a service

  3. Any tips for flying out of JFK? We’re in NJ and always fly out of Newark. First time out of JFK. Going early June.

  4. I saw another hidden Mickey on the blue car, right by the driver’s side mirror – and I usually dont’ see them! LOL But I just looked quickly. so didn’t look for any more. I’d be willing to be the painting was done AFTER the BC was built. I don’t drive, so have taken Magical Express since it’s been available. Before that, I usually took Florida Town Car Service, especially because I became friends with the owner, who was a great guy – don’t know if they’re still around. I’ve had a a few friends who’ve stayed at the MCO Hyatt, and they said it was nice – I’d love to do that someday too! By the way – I’m going to get a grocery delivery Monday, and I just now added a bottle of Fiji water to try, in your honor! I’ll let you know how I like it! 🙂

    Big hugs to both of you,.and Mr. Stanley!!

  5. Scott is such a Chatty Cathy in this video ! It’s great you can tell he is totally in his element!

  6. Great video!! I like to rent a car and take the 417. To me it’s quiet and normally open with no traffic so I just zoom right along down the highway.

  7. Aww I love how chatty Scott is in this video, this is like the most he’s ever talked. Pre-coffee Jen seems cranky today 😂😂 Girl I feel that mood, that’s me every morning.

  8. When I am with my husband we rent a car while we are there, when I am with friends or solo I use the magical express.

  9. Cool. You guys took the same route we did dropping our rental car for Hertz at the parking garage. Lol.

  10. Really enjoyed Scott’s explanations in this video. His personality and kind nature really shined through.

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