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Amazing Facts And Urdu History And Documentary About Video Bhutan
Friends who watch Shani TV will introduce you to today’s in this video.Bhutan, a small country in South Asia. Bhutan, which was completely banned from TV and the Internet until 1999. Later the king of this country abolished this law. And it became the last country in the world to use TV and the Internet. No one is homeless in this country, if a person loses his or her home. Then they should go to the king of the country and request. So land is given to build a house. The medical facilities for the people of Bhutan are absolutely free. It is the only country in the world whose nations consider gross domestic happiness as a symbol of development rather than gross domestic product. It is a country in the world where it is illegal to sell tobacco. And tell you the fascinating facts about Bhutan that you may not have known before today. Of course, all this information will be new to you. Welcome all new arrivals friends to Shawnee TV before the regular launch of the video. If you haven’t yet scrubbed our channel’s Shawnee TV on YouTube, quickly subscribe and press the bell button as well. Make sure all the new videos keep coming to you.If you are not from countries like India visiting Bhutan, traveling to Bhutan cannot be expensive and easy. The number of people coming to Bhutan is growing every year as a result of tourism destination. Every person visiting Bhutan needs to get a visa in advance, except India, Bangladesh and Maldives.
You can also schedule a trip from India to Bhutan by road. In the country of Bhutan, in general, you can go on two occasions whether you have a tourism visa or are on a government visit.

 It is very cold in winter in Bhutan. Therefore, you should visit during winter before winter as you can enjoy a pleasant journey with low crowds and low prices. Can get it. Friends, this was a beautiful video based on interesting information about Bhutan. If this video is meant to increase your knowledge of the people, share this video with your loved ones on WhatsApp and Facebook wall. Express Like Like Press my push button so I can bring you such informative videos for people.
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