Travel Scoot Test at The New York Renaissance Faire 1

Due to MS related heat intolerance and chronic pain, I use a mobility scooter at large venues, especially in the summer months. A test on some rough, broken up stone paths, soft ground, a bit of gravel and broken concrete pavement with the Travel Scoot at the New York Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo Park, NY. I am pleased to say that it has performed far better than expected so far. It does require that you have very good driving skills and balance. In situations with children darting in front of me and people walking around, utterly oblivious to what is heading for them, I had to stop short many times throughout the day. The previous weeks, when we had less patrons, the Travel Scoot did very well with normal starting and stopping. I was restricted on rainy days. Unlike my larger, heavy duty scooter, which doesn’t prefer wet conditions, but has handled rain and snow many times over the years, the Travel Scoot is not intended to drive through downpours and puddles. Given that I am pushing the Travel Scoot to the edge of its limits, I give it an 8.5 out of 10 for handing the rough terrain and conditions at our faire. Also, the Travel Scoot is so small and easy to load and unload that it makes it very attractive to bring when I am camping in my little van! If you’re interested in getting one, go to