TRAVEL DIARY | Visiting NEW YORK CITY in 4 days | The Concrete Jungle

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TRAVEL DIARY | 4 days visiting NEW YORK CITY | The Concrete Jungle
Here’s my New York travel vlog! Yes, finally, I’ve been travelling around a little bit.

Also if this city wasn’t a priority on my bucket list, I went visiting New York for 4 days, since it’s “only” 8 hours drive from Toronto, and also because my cruise from Bahamas was departing from there!

New York is a true concrete jungle, in some moments it looks like buildings are never going to end, and it’s so chaotic!

There’s so much to see in NYC and 4 days are not enough, but I walked around a lot and I’m pretty satisfied with the amount of areas I’ve seen. Of course I went to the main attractions, like the Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, and Central Park; but in the end what I’ve enjoyed the most were those little neighborhoods like Nolita, East Village and Dumbo.

So, here’s some highlights from my trip to New York, enjoy!

Born and raised in Rome, Italy, I moved to Milan in 2014 by myself to do my post-graduate. It’s been the best choice of my life: thanks to this experience, I grew up and started to know myself truly.
I had the desire to live abroad since years, to see how life was outside Italy and open up my mind to different worlds.
Then I decided to face a bigger challenge, grab the chance to apply for a Working Holiday Visa and follow my gut and heart all the way to Canada.

I know at least a couple of people who could see moving from Italy to Canada such an audacious move that it’s like going to another planet 🙈
Jokes aside, I’ve always been fascinated by the moon and “Sail To The Moon” is kind of a message I want to send to the world through my videos. It’s about setting bigger goals and keep pushing yourself further, stepping out of your comfort zone, grabbing chances, drifting the beaten path and living life as a challenge, an everlasting journey where we never stop learning.
This channel is a place for exploring and making new experiences; then growing, changing, self-improving, in other words trying to reach the moon 🙂

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