Travel Day Vlog! | New York City

Hey guys! Thanks for coming and checking out another video! In this video we are traveling from Orlando to NYC and then to Paris! I apologize that this is a shorter vlog, it was hard trying to balance everything while running around the city, as we only had a couple hours! See you guys in the next one in Paris!

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Did someone say adventure?!

Welcome to “ Somewhere Beautiful” our social media platforms where we will share our trips around the world, along with some of our tips, tricks, “can’t miss” & “can live without”…

So who is “we”?
Well, I’m Miranda, I go by @miramargaret and I’m in charge of our blogs, creative ideas, Instagram, planning (both social media & trips), and keeping in touch with all of you!

The other half is Asher, and he goes by @asheradamsphotography ! He is in charge of basically everything else… youtube, photos and editing, our website, marketing, networking, he’s talented and I’ll just leave it at that.

We’re both Orlando, Florida natives who are lucky to visit Walt Disney World & Universal Orlando pretty often, and call such an amazing place “home”.

Our point of making this is to share and connect with all of you as we travel the world. We both have a deep passion for traveling as well as being creative, so why not have the opportunity to share and to learn from everyone else. We hope that if you’ve ever been to somewhere we’re going, you reach out to us, we’d love to hear what you loved about that place… and if we go somewhere you’ve never been, it inspires you to go somewhere you’ve never been…

Until next time, we’ll see you,

Somewhere Beautiful

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