Top BEST Things To Do in New York City – NYC (Summer 2019 Travel Vlog) – Du lịch khám phá #NYC

What are the hot spots in NYC?

This is our first time traveling to New York city (NYC). We experienced the must-do and also affordable things in this trip. Moreover, you can look at my list below in order to create a perfect travel plan. Hope you guys enjoy this video. 💕

Chia sẻ kinh nghiệm lần đầu đi du lịch ở New York. Ăn gì, chơi gì, ở đâu?

Travel Guide
📍Chelsea Market (local place)
📍Sheraton Times Square
📍5th Avenue (most famous street)
📍Nike in NYC
📍Uniqlo in NYC
📍Coach House in NYC
📍DimSum Palace (hidden restaurant)
📍Coco Fresh Tea & Fruit (bubble tea)
📍Food Gallery 32 (Koreatown)
📍Starbucks Reserve Roastery
📍Pho Bang (Chinatown)
📍Madame Tussauds
📍Tsaôcaa & Bào (boba tea)
📍Joe’s Pizza (must-try place)
📍The Color Factory (best place to take Instagram pictures)
📍OK 218 (Little Italy)
📍Times Square
📍Star Kitchen
📍Statue of Liberty (free ferry)
📍National Geographic Encounter
📍Hometown Hot Pot & BBQ (all you can eat restaurant)
📍Gong Cha in NYC

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