Supersonic plane that can travel from London to New York in 3 HOURS to take flight in 2019

Supersonic plane that can travel from London to New York in 3 HOURS to take flight in 2019

A SUPERSONIC plane which has been dubbed the Son of Concorde is set to take flight this year after the company secured a £781.000 ($100million) investment.

Boom Supersonic has received the cash injection, which allows them to plough ahead with their plans to fly a prototype of their plane this year. The company hopes that the prototype, which will be half the size of the completed model, will be able to travel at twice the speed of sound – which is 343 metres per second – otherwise known as Mach 2, for a range of 5.180 miles. This will mean routes such as London to Mumbai, Manchester to Dallas-Fort Worth and Edinburgh to Vancouver will take about four hours, and New York in three hours and 15 minutes.

Boom Supersonic has named their prototype the XB-1 and claim it is “history’s first independently developed supersonic jet and the fastest civil aircraft ever built”.

The company continued: “From 1903 to 1976, the speed of passenger aviation increased relentlessly from 7mph to Mach 2. Then something broke.

“Over the last 40 years, not only have we failed to generate further speed increases, we’ve lost supersonic capability.

“Supersonic flight removes a critical barrier to new business relationships, new cultural experiences, and more time with loved ones.”

One of the reasons the Concorde failed was partly because the sonic boom it created when it broke the sound barrier caused distress among livestock and minor damages to buildings.

This led to Concorde being banned to fly over the mainland US, which was a massive contribution to the airline going bust in 2003.

However, the XB-1 may have an answer to this problem.

The full-size machine will have just 55 seats, half the size of the Concorde, and will be at least “30 times quieter” than the Concorde.

Boom Supersonic even says there are health benefits.

The firm said: “Sitting in one place for too long causes blood circulation to slow, which can cause serious problems such as deep vein thrombosis.

“Because supersonic flights are shorter than subsonic ones, passengers spend less time sitting still.

“You can leave San Francisco a whole day later and still make a morning meeting in Tokyo.

“You can even return before jet lag sets in.”