Seeing KISS ME, KATE on Broadway + Stagedoor!!! | New York Travel Vlog

This revival is TOO DARN HOT 🔥🔥Today, we’re seeing the gorgeous revival of one of Broadway’s most beloved classics, KISS ME KATE!
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Hey theatre geeks, cult members, and Kelli O’Hara stans! Today, we’re heading over the gorgeous, remastered, and visually stunning revival of the Broadway musical KISS ME, KATE! This revival stars queen Kelli O’Hara, Will Chase, Corbin Bleu, and Stephanie Styles to name a few. KISS ME, KATE is one of my all time favorite golden age musicals and means a ton to me personally (I played Lilli/Kate opposite my best friend in high school, one of my absolute most favorite stage experiences!). In today’s vlog, we’ll check out the revival, run into some subscribers, and do a lil mini review on the revival of KISS ME, KATE. Also a lil review / mukbang on the taco bell blended frosé. it’s pretty dope and I would like one now please.


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10 thoughts on “Seeing KISS ME, KATE on Broadway + Stagedoor!!! | New York Travel Vlog”

  1. Love your travel vlogs! I was there the same weekend and looked for you at Stars in the Alley! Can’t wait to see what you think of Hadestown!

  2. I don’t like that they changed that. I don’t agree with changing history to fit modern political correctness. Instead of getting offended, people just need to be glad about how far we’ve come since then and laugh at what can’t be changed (the past). Yeah, it’s kinda sexist, but just laugh at the fact people were once stupid enough to act and think like that and move on because 99% of America is perfectly accepting and tolerant now. Don’t let the 1% ruin your day. That’s all.

  3. storytime:
    i few weeks ago i went on a field trip to nyc with my school’s music department. we were supposed to see kiss me, kate but long story short our tour company just didn’t book the tickets 🙄 so we were 50 music kids and 4 teachers (they all felt so bad but it was not their fault at all) waiting outside the theater trying to figure out what to do, bc half the hype of the trip was seeing a broadway show. so we were all sad and frustrated, but at some point a few choir kids started singing a choir song so the next thing we knew it was a full on choir concert on the streets of new york, outside of a broadway show. i’ll never forget that lol❤️ we ended up seeing a matinee of beautiful: the carole king musical the next day so even though i wish we could have seen kiss me, kate, it all worked out in the end😊

  4. I love Kiss Me, Kate! I’m doing I Hate Men for solo and ensemble next year if it’s on the list.

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