We went to NYC for less than 36 hours with kiddos and actually got to see a lot of things!!

I wanted to leave some tips here:
1) Invest in the 7 Day Unlimited Metro Card if you plan to use it close to 9-10 times. By your 11th use you’ll break even, and anything over that saves you money! I was on the fence about this, but in two days we hit 11 uses (this is how you pay for the Roosevelt Island Tran ride). We decided to walk 30 minutes back to our car at the end but, it was nice to know we didn’t have to (and wouldn’t ever have to waste time to reload).

2) Always have an umbrella! It’s something we didn’t ship with us for our full time tracking, and we had to invest in an overpriced one!

3) The Chick-Fil-A on Fulton St (near One World Trade) has a rooftop and it is awesome! It rained on us but we briefly saw it!

4) Using a stroller and the Subway? Be prepared to carry up and down the steps if no elevators are there. It really saved us, but I couldn’t have done this well without Kyle there to help!

5) The September 11th memorial is a must! Just breathtaking. Quietest, most humbling place in Manhattan.

6) Download the NYC Subway app + use your Maps app (transit option) together to help find your way around!

7) Bring snacks and don’t rely on buying them there. That can be pricey!

8) We really enjoyed the view and pace of going on the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty!! I’d love to do another tour sometime, but when you’re on a time crunch this is awesome!!

9) The High-Line was awesome to explore when you get your food at Chelsea Market!!

10) The Roosevelt Island Tran is SO neat with kids!! It’s the same price as a Subway ride with your Metro card and included in the unlimited choice! I wish we could’ve explored it more!

11) Sailing boats and visiting the castle in Central Park was dreamy!! Do it ASAP!

12) Staying in Times Square was great because we were close to several key places and subways, but it’s very bright in the room *blackout shade for the win* hahaha!