Poughkeepsie, NY Travel Nightmare in Heavy Snow – 11/15/2018

An early-season snowstorm dumped nearly a foot of snow over parts of southeast NY state in a short period of time. This intense snow came right at rush hour, causing dozens of cars to become stuck, leading to huge traffic jams.
Shot Description

SHOT 1 & 2: Cars spinning their wheels trying to get up an icy hill.
SHOT 3: Wide shot of many cars stuck on an icy hill on Rt 55.
SHOT 4: Panning shot of people outside their stuck vehicles, trying to get them free.
SHOT 5: Traffic brought to a stand still on I-84.
SHOT 6: A tractor trailer and SUV stuck in the snow.
SHOT 7 & 8: Passing shots of cars stuck off the side of the road.
SHOT 9: A man stands by his stuck car on the exit ramp of I-84.
SHOT 10: View down the stopped traffic lanes, as people get out of their vehicles.
SHOT 11 & 12: People walking in the heavy snow.
SHOT 13: A snow plow passing by trying to keep up with the heavy snowfall.
SHOT 14: View of all the traffic backed up on Rt 55 in Poughkeepsie.

SID: Dave Lewison

11 thoughts on “Poughkeepsie, NY Travel Nightmare in Heavy Snow – 11/15/2018”

  1. This is for all the trash talk yankees make to southerners about how we r when it snows down here. What happened yanks? Realize that its the plows that make it where yall can drive?… We dont have many plows down here…….

  2. What a mess! If it wasn’t such a pain it would be pretty!
    I keep thinking this is only November and we are getting snow? WTH is up with that??
    Be safe and careful everyone!!

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