Philadelphia to New York | China Town bus | New York Subway | Manhattan Walk tour
This video is based on the 26th day of my US trip (May 2018). I took a China Town bus from #Philadelphia to #NewYork. Watch this video to know about:
# Greyhound bus, Mega bus and China Town bus in USA
# How to find the cheapest or the best fare in the US?
# Philadephia to New York Bus fare
# New York Subway system
# New York subway Tourist ticket
# Manhattan walk tour
# Brooklyn bridge and Manhattan bridge
#Brooklyn town in New York
# Indian Studends in New York University / NYU

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15 thoughts on “Philadelphia to New York | China Town bus | New York Subway | Manhattan Walk tour”

  1. From the starting of the vlog today…..there was khurafaat in your mind….and it came later….one by one..

    Yes ,u are a bomber….who explodes his gentleness and smile throughout ….thats the best about u.

    Panga with NYPD was awsome……gave a big smile.

    Baccha log k liye jhula log…

    Rahul sir ka phone….memories relived…wishing him well.
    Escalator kahan gaye….Manhattan….the sarcasm

    Hindi sun k dekha na …..lag raha tha dekhenge….ur smile and fun…good

    When you said Churchgate I actually thought there must be a some place …..but aage k sab naam sun k ehsaas hua….sirji aaj New york k subway ko mumbai ki local ki tarah chala rahe hai.

    Last but not the least….good you visited 9/11 memorial…and it gives a rise to very big question …..When we all want peace,what is the need of weapons then? Hope to see a better and beautiful world one day.

    So,Bye Bye USA….

    1. soumyaranjan pradhan
      Lets make love a viral infection,to be spread in all human race….atleast we will have a better world without violence,war,hatered!!!!!

  2. I am not enjoying USA blog series.
    u don’t living with local american. I like u meet indian, bangladesh but much more good with local american connect with live with enjoying with family. it is difficult but u can try

  3. My fav city in the world….
    thankyou very much for showing it
    its my dream, one day i could go der ?..

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