Our Travel Trip to Los Angeles – San Diego – Chicago from New York

We had wonderful trip to Los Angeles in February,

California so wonderful State with Amazing nature.

Im sorry video is not so good like we wanted to shoot it.
Cause when we arrive to California we just wanted to enjoy our time in such a wonderful place.

I can write here about our trip expenses:

1. Fly tickets “Spirit Airlines” – 176$ per person round trip form New York City to Los Angeles.
2. Rent car “Turo” – 139$ for 4 days. From Monday to Thursday.
3. Hotel 1 day – 89$ near San Diego. (another days we slept in car)
4. Food – depends each person, difficult to say, it can be 15$(fast food) each time per person and up.
5. Gas – price was average per gallon 3.50$ (in New York 2.40$) – 90$

What i can say about this travel trip, i really like California State, wonderful place to live. I can suggest to all to move their, Most important what you will do their.

IF you will have any questions write in comments and i will try to answer to all questions.

Link bellow will be for TURO, great service for rent and i think price is good. If you will register and use i will get 25$, i will be happy for this.


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