Our Australian PR story, USA to Australia | എങ്ങനെ നമ്മൾക്ക് Australian PR കിട്ടി

I go through the events and timeline of how we became Australian Permanent Residents with skilled independent visa subclass 189.

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About me:
Hello!! I’m Ankitha Sreedhar, a Malayali living in Melbourne, Australia. I recently immigrated to Australia after a short stay in America. I do videos and vlogs about my life and experiences in USA and Australia.

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  1. Very very instructive and informative video. Loved presentation. God bless this open-hearted girl and her family. Expecting more such videos for the benefit of prospective PR seekers.

  2. Thanks for the information kutti. It’s so funny to see why our people find it’s wrong to be conservative. Lemme tell , it’s ok to be conservative. You go girl 🤩

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