Ode To New York – Walt Whitman

Travel magazine Wideoyster presents a poetry film about New York. Ode To New York by Walt Whitman. A poetry video we made for travel magazine WideOyster.
The poem Give Me The Splendid Silent Sun was published in 1865, but Whitmans sharp-witted observations of the city are, perhaps, even more relevant today than when the poem was written.

Walt loved New York. Even though at the time it was a tough city to live in. He felt energized instead of overwhelmed by its constant motion, heard music instead of madness, and saw humanity instead of strangeness in its crowds.

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Directed & Edited by Alessio Cuomo
Cinematography by Rene Koster
Creative Director – Marco Barneveld
Narrated by Eric Forsythe
Music by Joe Kraemer
Portraits of Immigrants – New York Public Library
Additional Footage courtesy – McKittrick Hotel

Thank you New York.