NYC Travel Guide: Things to do, Where to Eat, Drink and Stay

Growing up in the NYC area and living in Manhattan and Brooklyn the past five years, I am so proud to finally share this Ultimate NYC Travel Guide full of helpful nyc travel tips for tourists and locals alike! If you’ve ever wondered when to visit, what to eat, where to stay or how to tell if a cab or taxi is taken, then you will learn so much from this video! This video is for you if you’re looking for the best pizza in NYC or the best restaurants in NYC or the best bagel in NYC (and where to find that rainbow bagel)! It is full of fun things to do in NYC, NYC travel hacks and a mini NYC food guide in the beginning! Thank you everyone for watching and if you haven’t already I would love it if you could please share this video with friends and click subscribe:

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23 thoughts on “NYC Travel Guide: Things to do, Where to Eat, Drink and Stay”

  1. So excited to share this one! Do you have any questions about NYC? Would love to hear your thoughts and questions, comment below!

    1. David Merritt definitely recommend going to other boroughs! Depends though on how much time you have! If you only have 2 days you have so much to see in Manhattan, but if you have more I would definitely recommend going outside in order of my favorites: to Brooklyn or Queens or the Bronx!

    2. Great video Jennifer! Deff got me hunger. Ive recently started my own YouTube channel and Instagram reviewing foods and different challenges, we should deff collab sometime. Im also in the area!

    3. M4C Media my current obsession is Canal Street Market for Rice Rolls seriously that good!

  2. I’m going to NYC for the first time in next Wednesday (22 hrs long airplane from Asia ) super exited

  3. Thanks for the video! It’s really helpful!! I just wish there was a titles for each of the places mentioned or stuff written in the description so I could get the names of everything. Thanks for the video tho!

    1. Everything is written out in the blog post! No worries! Thank you for watching! 🙂

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