** NEW YORK VLOG 2019 | TRAVEL TO NEW YORK **MOST EPIC ** | VISIT NEW YORK | We spent the first month of the new year in New York and decided to make a vlog for you all

Come with us as we visit new york ! Check out our DOPE vlog of New York ! We went a lot of places in this new york vlog , so much that we had to split this new york vlog into 2 pieces. We went to many places including times square . We happened to go to times square new york twice so this is also considered to be a times square vlog. We also went to central park in new york . In this video you can see us in many parts of new york from uptown new york , brooklyn new york , times square new york, central park new york , manhattan new york and so forth. We went to the 911 memorial in new york but that will be shown in the new york vlog part 2. new york vlog part 2 can be seen this Thursday, so stay tuned. If you’re thinking of visiting new york times square or central park new york then we suggest you watch this video. watch us as we travel to new york and visit new york and what all it has to offer for tourist like us. This visit to new york was the absolute easiest travel to new york or any other state for that matter.You get to see us travel to new york and visit new york and different tourist sites.

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26 thoughts on “NEW YORK VLOG 2019 | TRAVEL TO NEW YORK | VISIT NEW YORK *****EPIC*****”

    1. Yes…I will be trying when we return again . Thanks for telling us cause we were clueless 😂😂

    2. Girl.. U tripping. Come to staten island. Mama rosa’s is the best in new york city fam… I got offended af… But u didnt kno. But u kno where to go now. Lol.

  1. Ok i dont know which one of yall did the editing on this video but it was FIRE. I do think yall should try another spot for that NY pizza if youre still there. But all in all this was a good video.

  2. Lel the rat 😂 and jeez ya were destroying them milly rocks 🔥 Have Fun im glad to be here on this channel 🙂

  3. Im happy A you tuber finally thought new york city was a place to visit for a getaway.. Thanjs for reppin nyc.

    1. +Scoota & Cutie Thats wats up. Um going thru ur videos and enjoying myself laughing. U guys are perfect..

    2. +Bleu Phenix06 Wish you we would’ve know when we were down there. The next vlog we had some bomb pizza. We’re releasing that Thursday so stay tuned…it get’s better😂😂

    3. Yep. And im still buggin over that pizza comment. Lol. The best pizza is on the island guys. Trust me.. Lol.

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