New York Diaries (part two) TRAVEL VLOG 2019

This video is part two of our trip to New York! Editing this now it’s already starting to feel more like a dream than something that actually happened, so I’m really happy that we’ll always have these videos to look back on. I hope you like them too!

Lots of love,

7 thoughts on “New York Diaries (part two) TRAVEL VLOG 2019”

  1. Ngl i was confused when i said may 22nd 2019
    Thought it was 2018.
    Aha mac n cheese is only nice when there is a couple teaspoons of colmams english mustard powder.

  2. Ughhh, it’s so amazing that you decided to share these moments and memories with us.
    This was SO entertaining to watch, as expected from you.
    Some of these parts got me laughing really hard, such as 7:03, 9:04 and 14:01 😂😂😂😂😂
    Your English before was really good, but now, it’s literally perfect. I can see the amount of progress you’ve made; you used advanced vocabulary and were always able to find the right word at the spot in this video. (I hate when I can’t find the right word; thankfully, we have google translate 😂)
    Hope you two get opportunities to travel a lot in the future, because you deserve to be rewarded for all your hard work. 💛❤️

  3. Omg hahah when you said:,,we had to many over priced red bull vodka but I guess that’s just life.”
    I think everybody felt that.
    But we discussed the alcohol price situation before haha.

  4. Satt just och undrade vart mitt fredagsnöjje tagit vägen och så … fanns den på mailen 😉👍

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