New York Couple DISAPPEARED in Dominican Republic || Travel Tips

Black New York City couple, Orlando Moore and Portia Ravenelle were supposed to return to New York from the Dominican Republic on March 27 and instead, their bodies were found 2 weeks later.

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15 thoughts on “New York Couple DISAPPEARED in Dominican Republic || Travel Tips”

  1. I think the hospital killed the woman to silence her, so she just so happen to be alive all of this time until they knew the story was going to break?!!! Now they can control the narrative!! Shame on it all..

  2. Wuzup Pana! Im Panamanian too! This is my first time coming across your video! And when I go back home I only go to places where I have family at. But if you think about it violence happends everywhere. Great video!

  3. This is so sad!!! You’re absolutely right Jovi, you have to be aware of your surroundings no matter where you are, traveling or otherwise.

  4. I love your commentary, but can you please, please, pretty please check your mike. Sometimes your mike goes in and out. Love you Jovi. 💘

  5. You are so right Jovi. My husband and I went on vacation to Jamaica and he wore every piece of gold necklace on his neck. Flossing & glossing. Well, my back tooth cracked and I needed a dentist. It was broad daylight but those people lives in shacks. So they see him with all this gold made me so uncomfortable, I vowed never to go on vacation with him again. They could of killed the both of us. Some men have no common sense.

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