New York Comic Con, Chalice Collectibles, Plastic Empire $100 Mystery Box funko

What’s Poppin Everyone! Join me as I travel to New York for New York Comic, Get suckered in buying Chalice Collectible Mystery Boxes, Check out the Diamond Select and Neca Booths, and Also buy a $100 Mystery box from Plastic Empire. And That’s What’s Poppin!

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15 thoughts on “New York Comic Con, Chalice Collectibles, Plastic Empire $100 Mystery Box funko”


  2. Sweet video! Love the pops you scored. I would of traded that 2 pack for what you got in a heartbeat! Love the backstory on the Jay and Silent Bob pops! Thanks for sharing your trip!

  3. That anakin drop was hilarious lol..I see you feel the same way about target as I do about Walmart in Canada. I don’t we’re ever gonna get 80yrs cap…boooo Walmart

  4. I saw you for like 5 seconds bro. Was cool but I didn’t see half of the booths you showed awesome video ,

    1. Would of been honored to , was just so overwhelmed with everything was my first con can’t wait for next year ! Deff will be joining you !

    2. Alfredo Fernandez awe man. Should have joined me walking around the con. Yeah still feel there might have been some booths I missed as well

  5. Great video I had so much fun at the con and picked up a lot I wanted. Didn’t get to meet you but there will be other chances

    1. LoLzxgAming The con was an awesome experience. Yeah sorry we didn’t get a chance to link up, but there is always next year

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