New York City Travel Video 2018 | GoPro Hero 6 Black

My first visit to New York City happened during June 2018. The vibe was NYC was overwhelming. I had a City Pass which allowed me to visit some of the best attractions in the city for an unbeatable price. Striking a casual conversation with random people was a piece of cake. I had a great time enjoying food from different restaurants especially, the famous NYC pizza. I also did try some delicious vegan food. I’ve heard about NYC being the busiest and that it never sleeps. I had the chance to witness it! Traveling on the subway was initially confusing but, in a day I got used to the routes and stations. You can see talented artists almost everywhere in this city. As a musician, I felt that NYC was very inspiring. I was only able to cover a few parts of Manhattan during my short trip. I hope I’ll get to see more of NYC in the future.

Filmed entirely on GoPro Hero 6 Black

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DJ Quads – Downtown Funk