New York City Travel Diary (aesthetic) ✨ arriving in NYC (Ep. 1)


omg I’m so excited for ya’ll to watch the first episode to my USA (and a little bit of Canada) travel diary series!!!! I spent a lot of time editing and perfecting what I like to call “the american dream ep.1” *bc it’s always been a dream of mine to travel to the USA *Australia is so far from there :)) so yes please enjoy this new york city travel diary (I like to think it’s aestheitc. my editing style keeps changing idek anymore – okie thanks for reading me babble)

BIG THANK YOU to Breakfast Road for letting me use their amazing song “Free Fall”! Check them out:

Places in NYC we went to:
– Chinatown (lol went half way across the world to stay at Chinatown big lol)
– Brooklyn, NYC: Brooklyn Bridge, DUMBO, Grimaldi’s Pizza
– New York: Macy’s, Shake Shack, Empire State Building
– Koreatown: Sweet Churros
– New York City Library
– Grand Central Terminal

Pack with me for America:


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