NEW YORK CITY ORCHESTRA TRIP TRAVEL DIARY (3-22-19 to 3-26-19) | Daniela Bodoh


heyyyy!!!! okayyyy so i have gone on every single orchestra trip since 6th grade (5 years ago) and this year was no exception!!!! in fact, out of all the orchestra trips i’ve been on, this one was the most exciting!!! we performed in carnegie hall!!! we also got to choose a broadway show to see and i chose wicked!!! it was so amazing!!!!

on 3/25/19, i made my debut in carnegie hall with my school orchestra!!! the concert was so amazing and it was SUCH an honor to be in the one and only carnegie hall!!! after the concert, we all went to an after party at planet hollywood which was so much fun!!!!

this trip was also a LOT to plan. my mom was the trip coordinator and she gave up her free time and somehow juggled her 9-5 job and trip planning so kudos to her!!!! there were over 100 of us total on this trip and it was a HUGE trip. coming back to school afterwards was so hard!!!! this trip was seriously SO much fun & i’m so glad i went!!!!

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