New York City In the Fall | Travel Diary

New York City In The Fall | A Travel Diary

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Hi guys! I’m Carrie Rad! Welcome to my channel. On my channel I talk about all things self care and travel related. Some of my most popular videos are how to relax videos, how to get better sleep, get ready with me, and travel tips.

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10 thoughts on “New York City In the Fall | Travel Diary”

  1. Ingrid looks so grown up in this vlog! I don’t know how to explain it, but I’ve been watching her since I was 12, and she looks so confident and calm. Hope you had a great trip!

  2. Omg!! Some vlogs are always so boring to me and I never watch them but I decided to watch yours because yours is always so calm and I loved it! Love the editing and relaxation while waching it!

  3. My best friend and I are treating ourselves with a trip to NYC in december (which is SO exciting, my 6th time there and her first) even though it’ll be so cold! I hope I can do more things you and Ingrid recommend (: Have fun!

  4. I love this video, i live in Crown heights brooklyn and it’s truly magical. The only down side is I share an apartment with roommies who I dont really vibe with and one is a bit verbally abusive (not anymore though since I called her out on a group text and with the mangement but still being careful) but I can’t complain. I definitely wish I had a place like Ingrid’s. With time though <3.

  5. It’s so true about the dogs! I went in April and I went to go watch the sunrise at Central Park at 6am! I snapchat like 8 dogs all in like a 5 min period lol. I love NYC!!! Ingrid has definitely inspired me to move to NYC even if it’s just for a month or a summer!

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