New York City food tips – trying Cookie Dough [ NYC Travel guide ]

Welcome to another STUFR. I try to give you the best Short Travel Unique Food Reviews, therefore the name STUFR. If you love food and like to travel, then keep watching. I will travel the world and tell you where to eat and what to eat in my travel vlog and food vlog. I will show you all the trending food and travel hotspots.

One of the new hotspots in New York is Do’s Cookie Dough. At Do’s Cookie Dough you can get all kinds of flavours of cookie dough. The taste is amazing. You can see into their kitchen as they prepare the dough. Cookie Dough Tasty stuff. NYC food tips.

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8 thoughts on “New York City food tips – trying Cookie Dough [ NYC Travel guide ]”

  1. I’m not sure if I would have waited for so long and have tried it. Has anyone ever tried to bake this Cookie Dough to make real cookies? I’ll probably prefer the cookies ready baked 😉

    1. I have no idea. I have to admit I would not wait in line for it again 😜

  2. I’m not surprised this is so popular! Here in the United States, people really enjoy eating cookie dough when they are making cookies. We have refrigerated cookie dough for making cookies quickly; maybe you have something similar where you live. Sometimes people get cravings for raw cookie dough, and they will buy the refrigerated dough and eat it without baking it! However, if you are making your own cookie dough at home, they say it is not so good to eat it raw, because of the danger of eating raw eggs. So this shop must be making the cookie dough without eggs for safety. I’m sorry you had such a long wait, but I’m glad it was good in the end! Thanks for the great video, and I send lots of good wishes to you both. <3 <3

    1. Us Dutch don’t have cookie dough cravings that much, when we bake cookies. But we sometimes take a bite out of the dough. But we don’t buy dough just to eat it raw hahah. Wish you a great Sunday 😍

    1. Yeah we needed to try it…. was it worth the long wait? Not really haha

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