New York 1939-40 World’s Fair collection 7 Travel brochures Art Deco style

1939 New York World’s Fair- Art Deco ephemera: promotional printed brochures & advertising: excellent lot of seven graphically pleasing promotional items given away at the Fair to people walking through the different European country pavilions.

Lot includes a rare moveable Swiss clock face booklet.

All color lithographed or offset, all printing techniques unique to the pre- WW II era of printing.

All items appear complete, mostly clean and well preserved examples.All folding or multi-page.

Short video captures lot and condition much better than words. Please watch prior to purchase to ensure a clear understanding of the lot.

Nicer lot than typical for the type, each item worthy of separate interest by itself.

Yugoslavia. 1939, Yugoslavia, Putnik Ltd. Wonderful color Deco style covers, profusion of Deco era b&w photos in nice offset technique.

Facts About Switzerland. 1939-40. Printed in Switzerland. Moveable plate of Swiss pocket watch. Rare.

Denmark. 1939-40. Copenhagen, Otto Moensted Foundation. Textured paper covers with embossed in relief lettering to cover. extra leaflet loosely laid in.

Italy for Your Leisure. 1939, Italy. Strong Deco graphics.

Denmark. Country of the Middle Ages. 1939-40. Denmark, Egmont H. Petersen. Beautiful Copenhagen cover art, map rear cover.

The Coronation Scot Great Britain’s Luxury Train On Exhibition at the New York World’s Fair. London Midland and Scottish Railway. Strong Deco railroad cover image, strong Deco aesthetic.

Guide to the Pavilion of the United Kingdom Australia New Zealand and the British Colonial Empire.1939. Three fold-out plans, extra example of above item loosely laid in.

Smallest book measures: 6 5/8″ H X 4 3/4″ W.
Largest book measures: 8 7/8″ H X 5 3/8″ W.


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