My First SOLO Trip To New York City, I Stayed In A Pimp House❗️

My first in life tends to be memorable. I’m vividly sharing my first solo trip to New York City, lessons learned on this trip, and how I stayed in a pimp house. As Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five raps, you might get fooled if you come from out of town and I wasn’t down by law so I didn’t know my way around. I learned that day though. This is Part 2 of Live Live Life Without Regrets. Watch Part 1: Live Life Without Regrets | Don’t Be Afraid To Do Things Alone ➡️

Take a ride with me back down memory lane. The journey is quite comical and taught be a great deal about solo travel. Leave a comment below and share your first solo travel moment, whether in town or out of town, or when you had to do something alone and the lessons learned. We can all gain insight and benefit from your experiences.

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7 thoughts on “My First SOLO Trip To New York City, I Stayed In A Pimp House❗️”

  1. Question of the Day⚡️What lessons have you learned from traveling solo or doing things alone?

    1. Kevin Lamarr 😆🤣😂!! That’s me! Indecisiveness and someone rushing me it complaining about this and that is annoying. I enjoy being on my own schedule and not having to negotiate with others. I enjoy my own company and I’m open to meeting people so you don’t have to always be alone.

    2. Success with Etiquette
      The most important lesson I learned was I don’t need anybody with me cause they really get in the way if they ain’t never been nowhere. They always worried about when we leaving. I be like, I’m going by myself next time.

  2. I have eaten a lot of good meals at that sbarros at 33rd and 7 th ave. I drove the bolt bus from DC TO NYC and that was the bus stop.

    1. Kevin Lamarr YESS!! I’ve been to that one. I was so excited to eat there and the food was good. I was living the dream. Thereafter, I went to New York every year, even looked into moving there but decided to just visit 😉. Didn’t want to be on Hookers at the Point HAHAHAHA!!🤣😂🤣

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