Malayalam Travel Series of New York Promo (One Minute Video Series)

Malayalam Travel Vlog Series of New York begins here with this promo. I explored Newyork city for five days and captured few interesting things to show you all. I will be uploading all of them as one minute long videos in malayalam language in the coming days. It is totally an experiment and hence please excuse any mistakes. Please let me know what you guys think of these videos in the comment section. Love you Loads!!!

A Note of thanks to all my Nanbans:

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13 thoughts on “Malayalam Travel Series of New York Promo (One Minute Video Series)”

  1. Here is the promo of our One Minute New York travel series. Watch the whole series on the coming days and please let us know what you think.. ❤️

  2. Nammal ellarkum kattaku kudai undu nammaludai anthiyam kuricha nanapppa thanks alot ithu polikum

  3. Let’s c how it turns out ..probably it should be interesting as if the one part you r doing is good , one will b eagerly looking out for the next video

  4. നൻബാ നിങ്ങ വെറും മാസ്സ് അല്ല കൊല മാസ്സ് ആണ്….😍😘

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