LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: Ultimate Summer Travel Guide!

LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: The Ultimate Summer Travel Guide
Watch this travel guide with the top things to do in the Big Apple during the summer months!

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Filmed, Edited and Produced By Erik Conover LLC, NYC 2019

15 thoughts on “LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: Ultimate Summer Travel Guide!”

  1. Comment below your top Summer activities to do in New York City and share this video with a friend looking to travel to NYC!

    1. Happy Summer Erik! Great vid πŸ™‚ — everyone seen all the fun erik had on my channel? YAAAAAAS!

    2. U r living in nyc and u listed soo less activities to do in nyc in summer , U should have listed them more , U should show us all the beautiful places or places to go in nyc and activities to do or something like that , u know that could be useful for the person who goes to nyc first time . I love nyc and it’s my first bucket list place

  2. I’m studying at NYU this summer. These tips and tricks videos are making it so much easier!

  3. There is only one thing better than Summer in New York: Winter β„οΈβ˜ΊοΈβ€οΈ

  4. I was in NYC for the first time back in march, and it was truly breathtaking to be in the city i’ve seen so many times on tv. Definitely going back there during summertime, to experience a summernight in manhattan:)

  5. well if 360p is the quality I’d be getting on the osmo pockets cam ,Eric keep that to yourself haha

    1. You know this channel always posts 4K! YouTube takes some time to process πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

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