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I remember growing up and saying how I wanted to go to school or live in New York and/or California. I didn’t do that. For so long I thought I wasn’t talented enough to get into any schools so I just took a leap of faith and applied to SCAD and that was the only college I applied to, shutting off my dream of living in New York. To my surprise, I got into SCAD and never thought about going again. This week I had the opportunity to travel to NYC to visit my cousin and take pictures for an event she was putting on. Doing so, I realized a couple of things: 1. I am very talented and need to stop comparing myself and work to others. 2. I work hard and don’t give myself enough credit…. like Jesus I just spent a week in NYC and I’m still in school taking classes. & 3. I thought I had somewhat of an idea where my life was headed but going to New York stripped that away in the best possible way. For the first time, I truly don’t know where life is gonna take me. I’m letting go of control and letting the universe take over because the universe, since stepping foot in New York, have been giving me blessing after blessing and when you’re getting clear signs like I was, you must listen to what they’re saying. To me, I feel like the universe was telling me that NYC Is where I need to be rn, in this moment in time. It’s where I’m going to thrive bc it has lit a fire under my ass and I’m ready to work even harder to get what I deserve.

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  1. love this so much! i’ve always wanted to visit new york as well, this is inspiring! I love what you wrote in the description as well

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