I Went To New York!! Travel Vlog! l Katie’s Joy

Finally! If you read the description of my last video, you saw that I still needed to upload my NY vlog, and here it is!! I will not be doing Vlogmas this year because I don’t have enough time, and the vlogs would probably get boring if I did the same thing every vlog. But, I will be doing Katie’s Christmas, which is where I upload one or two vlogs a week!! Stay tuned for those! (it’s kind of like a mini Vlogmas! :))

My Last Video: https://youtu.be/Zj_2vm_jxpM (it’s a good one!)

How old are you?-14
What camera do you use?- Canon EOS Rebel T5i with kit lens
What do you edit with?- Wondershare Filmora 8.5.1
When’s you B-Day?- January 13th
QOTD: Are you wearing shorts or pants right now?? I’m in PJ pants! 🙂

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