I Heart New York – Travel Vlog

Hey lovely people,
Here is a few clips of what I got up to in New York. It’s my favourite city in the world and I always feel at home there. This is just a jumble of clips to show what we did. The food and just being in the city make me happy.

This vlog is a looooong time coming. It’s not great quality but I wanted to show you what we got up to.

I’m hoping to make some more content for you guys over the next few weeks. I’ve never taken my Youtube channel very seriously (because being on camera is terrifying) but fingers crossed I can make some pretty videos to share with you all soon. They will be a mix of travel and art vlogs. Let me know if there is something you’d really like to see.

What I used:
Filmed with Nikon D5100
Edited with Premiere CC
Inserts created with Photoshop

Find me :
instagram – @doodlezilla_

5 thoughts on “I Heart New York – Travel Vlog”

    1. I love it there so much. It’s one of my favourite places. I’m so jealous you get to live there 🙂

    1. +Tania ‘Doodlezilla’ Vincent welcome my dear friend. Waiting for more vlogs. Stay connected 🙏😊

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