How word of mouth marketing has affected travel

New York City has it all: from the tourist favorites to the hidden local gems. Which raises the question: When you’re traveling, what’s the best way to plan your trip? Technology, word of mouth marketing, literature? We tested each to find out.


Um there’s no pretty way to do this so…

Hey guys it’s Alex. I’ve been to New York before but on this trip I really wanted to try to go to a couple places that maybe I wouldn’t normally go to.

To see how word-of-mouth marketing works I’m going to go to a couple different places. Some that my friends who live in the city recommend to me and some that I find online through social media. Let’s check it out.

I am starving! Need to find a place for breakfast. So I did a Google search for best bagels in New York City and the place that was always on every single list was Essa Bagel or Ess-a-Bagel. I can totally see why it was on every single list. The bagel was amazing and you could just tell that the place had history. The line for this place or starts at the door.

It was really good but I think I wasted like 40 minutes there just waiting in line. It was definitely like a place for tourists. I would definitely be interested in seeing if I asked a friend they used to live here or if I asked a local.

I’ve made my way up to Harlem where a good friend of mine said there’s a restaurant called the Red Rooster that I have checkout.

Just got back from Red Rooster and it was amazing. I can definitely see why my friend recommended it to me. One the music was incredible, I’m a huge music nerd. The place was packed. It felt like it was Saturday night and it’s Monday. I’m also a huge foodie and I guess the restaurant was owned by Marcus Samuelsson, who made an appearance, I shook his hand. Cons, it was way out of my price range. The cool thing about an online recommendation is I could have seen before going oh it’s a really expensive restaurant, I better prepare for that.

I’m looking for a place to get some dessert so, I googled best dessert places in NYC and this place called Milk and Cookies Bakery came up. Had amazing reviews on Yelp the Instagram page was amazing so, I thought I’d check it out. This is huge. Unreal. I think it met my expectations based on what I found online. The ice cream sandwich that I had was amazing and I would definitely recommend it.

The next place I stopped at was this place called the Cloisters. My friend said “Everyone goes to the Met everyone goes to the Museum of Modern Art. Try this place out.” It wasn’t super populated, which if I went to the Met I’m sure I would’ve been fighting with crowds of people.

The museum itself focused on medieval architecture and paintings. Super happy that my friend recommended it to me. And I thought it was just a cool way of seeing a museum without going to one that everyone has been to before.

I went to a couple different places that I found through social media and online, and a couple different places that my friends recommended to me, and I think both had their benefits and you know their pros and cons.

The places my friends recommended to me were definitely you know personal recommendations, ones that I definitely wouldn’t have found if I was just Google searching.

The places that I found online I was able to kind of tailor my experience to where I was in the city, what my price range was, find real specifics to my circumstances at the time which was super helpful.

Overall, I think both are super valuable resources that we have available to us. And yeah I had an amazing trip. Can’t wait to come back. Alright see you guys.