GoPro HERO7 BLACK Inside New York City Pothole! | Viva frei Travel

We were just outside Rockefeller Plaza, finding creative ways to waster money at coffee shops and toy stores. I found a PERFECT pothole into which I could insert my GoPro HERO7 Black GoPro. I got the perfect shots. And as luck would have it, a car LITERALLY stopped on the GoPro. It still works! lol. Peace! And Subscribe!

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8 thoughts on “GoPro HERO7 BLACK Inside New York City Pothole! | Viva frei Travel”

  1. Sorry Freisters, YouTube still disabling comments as a default and I forgot to change it… Thumbnail by DSLR Dave; Music: Spheres on hook sounds. GoPro HERO7 Black is amazing and still works perfectly. I love New York… (be sure to subscriber and hit the notification bell! πŸ™‚

    1. Brilliant shot! Perfectly poised shot under the wheel of a random car! Brilliant – I think that’s gotta be a first, so unique! WE’RE IN THE FUTURE!

  2. Next pothole – Montreal, specifically the Met! Or the Turcot! Your choice. πŸ‘

    1. Mike Dancy it actually jammed it 1/4 inch deep in mud at the bottom of the pothole. Had it been solid pavement, I suspect the GoPro would have gotten crushed.

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