Exploring & Sailing New York City | Field Trips VLOG

In this episode I’m leaving the fishing rod at home to explore New York City for the first time. Richard and Susan Chavis host me for the week, and Susan and their daughter Paige take me into The Big Apple to check out a tour of Madison Square Garden, the Empire State Building, the Fashion Institute of Technology and some legendary food in Chinatown at Wo Hop.

Then I link up with Miss Jaclyn “Red” Marsh to hop on a private sail boat tour of New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty.

COMMENT BELOW if you’ve been to NYC and what else I need to check out while I’m here!

Rich Chavis runs the best eye glass biz in Manhattan, hit him up: http://www.thewizardofeyes.com

Book a trip with Capt. Nate Richter of True Sailing NYC: http://www.truesailingnyc.com

Visit Surf City Bar: http://www.surfcitybar.com

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10 thoughts on “Exploring & Sailing New York City | Field Trips VLOG

  1. You don’t even know what you missed man NYC has just as good if not better bass and fluke fishing then nj.

  2. Wow!!!! What a fun looking time and experience. Oh and “RED” was pretty amazing to look at as well. Be safe and watch out for the telephone poles and don’t forget to pay that parking ticket….lol. Off to the Tea Party!!!!

  3. Went to New York in 2006 one of the coolest places I have ever been. We went to destruction site if the twin towers and I was astonished at the foot print of destruction left behind. I’ll say I’m not at all a city person but New York was an amazing experience that I would recommend anyone take at least once in your life. The city just has so much history and culture that is just 100% American. I’ll never forget that trip and I would go back again. You should have walked through Times Square we stayed at the Westin right on the square. I could never live in the city of that never sleeps. Literally had cabs honking all night in the streets below. Also man do you just know hot girls in every city in the U.S. lol! Great video even without fishing! Can’t wait to see some more video’s in the future.

  4. Come in May and you can go out of liberty state park for some great striper fishing right in ny harbor.

  5. Next time you’re back in the Northeast, we gotta get you out on the water in The Delaware Water Gap (NJ/PA)

  6. Message me if you want to go fishing out here! The striper run is starting and my buddy and I have a Hobie you can borrow. We kayak fish in Jamaica Bay. Also tons of great bass fishing at prospect and central park.

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