Birthday Weekend | New York City

My wife and I travel to New York City to celebrate her birthday weekend! Ashley has wanted to share this city with me for our entire relationship and I thought New York City was a great place to travel before this lesbian couple has a baby. Discover one of our favorite restaurants, learn what we did and my reaction to the big apple!!

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13 thoughts on “Birthday Weekend | New York City”

  1. I took my wife to Hu Kitchen for her birthday a few years ago! The food was awesome and the chocolate was even better 🀣
    Also LOOOVED the pizza almond flour crackers.
    Glad you’re enjoying NYC!

  2. When you drive-in New York is crazy because nobody cares about anybody else I am glad you feeling better And I hope you girls enjoy yourself

  3. Happy Birthday and welcome to New York and congratulation Crazy place I live in New YorkπŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚ Love and peace and God-bless

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