American Airlines MAIN CABIN EXTRA London to New York|Boeing 777-300ER

American Airlines Main Cabin Extra (Economy Comfort, Economy)
American Airlines Economy Class Boeing 777-300ER

Come fly with me in American Airlines Main Cabin Extra Boeing 777-300ER from London to New York.

Main cabin extra from American airlines is an economy seat but with extra legroom added in, normally up to 4 inches of additional seat pitch for extra legroom. The seats are still economy seats and all the service included is economy, but it does make for a slightly more enjoyable flight.

It’s a very similar product to Delta’s economy comfort that can be purchased in the economy cabin on certain flights.

American airlines flight 107 London to New York featuring the main cabin extra seats on the AA Boeing 777-300ER.

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American airlines Flight 107
Depart: London (LHR)
Arrive: New York (JFK)
STD: 5:00pm (ADP: 5:20pm)
STA: 7:50pm (ATA: 7:29pm)
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Reg: N732AN
First Flight: 9th Nov 2014
Delivered to Airline: 8th Dec 2014
Seat: 18A
Flight Time: 7h 5M
Meal Service: Lunch

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