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Today’s video is based on my one week travel to New York City. I went to New York on the 30th of October with Virgin Atlantic (British airline). and returned on the 6th of November via Delta Airlines. Both Aircrafts were very lovely and had a quick and pleasant travel. It took atleast 7 hrs to get to New York from London Heathrow and 6hr 30 back to London from New York.

I stayed in an air b n b in Gramercy Park in Manhanttan which was very comfortable and had the perfect location, here are details of the Air bnb here :

The host was lovely and gave my friends and I no trouble at all.

I left the Air bnb on a friday and stayed at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel which had gorgeous views of the city.

See here : https://www.marriott.co.uk/hotels/travel/nycpk-courtyard-new-york-manhattan-central-park/

I spent 5 days in total in NYC and 2 days in Connecticut where my friend resides.

Day 1 to 5 where filled with lots of tourist and local activities as shown in the video and the places I visited on each days can be found here:

Day 1: Gaonnuri Restaurant NYC ( specialist in Korean Food) –
Day 2 : I went to Hi- Collar (Japanese Brunch) https://www.hi-collar.com
Day 2: I also visited Freedom tower, Brooklyn Bridge, Dumbo
Day 2: I also visited Big Apple Circus at Lincoln Centre and went clubbing at Beauty and Essex (Manhattan) beautyandessex.com/

Day 3: I went for coffee at a cute cafe in Manhattan called Irving Farm Coffee Roasters.

I went on a Statue of Liberty tour and treated myself to the most perfect full body massage at Hideaway Spa and Lounge in Wall Street. https://www.hideawayspawallstreet.com

Day 4: Went to my hotel in Times Square and walked the busy street of Time Square. I bought some amazing street corner Asian and Mexican food.

I went out clubbing in Brooklyn with my friends to a 90’s Hip hop bar called : Kinfolk 90

Day 5: I went for Brunch at Restaurant called Motel Morris in Chelsea, New York. Very Sophisticated and the pancakes were huge. Totally up my street. https://www.motelmorris.com/

I walked around the Neighbourhood of Chelsea and saw the Flat Iron Building.

After walking, I took a subway back to Wall street to visit my newly found favourite masseuse in Hideaway Spa & Lounge for the 2nd time.

After our massages and a festive cup of Starbucks coffee later, I headed over to Comedy Central club for a few giggles before our long drive to New Haven, Connecticut.

Day 6 & 7 I spent some time with my friend in New Haven, Connecticut where I visited the Mall – Westfields. I did a bit shopping in Bath and Body works, JC Penny, Target and had a huge lunch at the Cheesecake factory. The biggest cheese cake I ever seen. I consumed it for 2 days and still did not finish it.

Overall I loved New York and would be back for more exciting things.

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