7 Things To Eat In New York City | NYC Food Travel Vlog

Two Day Manhattan NYC Food Tour: Covering two types of tacos at Chelsea market, lobster from Maine, spicy chicken burgers from Chick-Fil-A, hand-pulled noodles at 88 Lan Zhou, MAGNIFICENT kimchi udon from Izakaya MEW and Doughnut Plant! Phew. Bring food and eat with me during this video. Trust me.

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Places Mentioned:

Chelsea Market:
Los Tacos No. 1
Takumi Tacos
The Lobster Place

Chick-Fil-A: Spicy Chicken and Spicy Chicken Deluxe
Pumpkin Cake from Doughnut Plant
Beef Noodles from 88 Lan Zhou Hand-Pulled Noodles
Kimchi Udon from Izakaya MEW

Huge thank you to NYC Go for gifting us the NYC City Pass for our visit to the Empire State Building and Top of the Rock!

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19 thoughts on “7 Things To Eat In New York City | NYC Food Travel Vlog”

  1. Chelsea Market is great! I’ll never go to a Chick-fil-A. It’s a private company that’s anti LGB, and everyone else not straight and white. They put their money where their religion believes takes them. That’s fine, but I disagree.

    By the way, moist is a great word! It’s how I like my meat, cakes, burritos, and most yummy things. 😉

    1. This definitely doesn’t reflect my personal values or moral views! Will read up on this and be more informed – thank you for letting me know!

      Haha ew noooo, I can’t stand that word! That and the word, damp. Succulent! Juicy! Do they work?! 😅😅 p.s Chelsea Market is so great, isn’t it?!

  2. Hey,beautiful girl,I like Chelsea marker,because I feel all food so yummy,thank you share,God bless your family and all the best.

  3. As always the food looks heavenly! So many choices that look delicious! I was hoping to see you dig into that beautiful lobster! You’ve given me so many reasons to visit NYC in this series! Thanks for keeping me hungry! 😂👍🏽

    1. Haha I previously uploaded a video of me digging into the lobster in my February NYC vlogs so have a watch of those! Including the garlic butter drizzle too! You must add NYC to the list – I always get drawn back to the energy and the food haha 😅😅

  4. I am doing intermittent fasting and keto and watching your travel and food vlog is not helping! I suspect I’m going to fall off the wagon before the end of your video.

    1. Ohhh Karen!!! That just made me BEAM with a huuuge smile. Thank you for the lovely words and for revisiting the videos! ☺️💛

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